"I was attracted to Rosalee's designs online largely because of the fun prints she sources. But it was when I actually tried on the clothes that I fell in love. The fabrics are sublime and the fits so flattering! People will literally try to buy her clothes off your back."

Liv Osthus (Musician & Stripper)


"The fabric of this piece spoke to me immediately because it was sassy and also I love cats! Then I put it on and it was like being wrapped in the comfiest, coziest yoga pants you ever had but as a whole jumper! And I felt adorable in it and how often are things both insanely comfortable and adorable? I wore it to a friends house and the first thing she said when she saw me in it was, That's so you! We did some low key yoga and I was able to comfortably work out in it. It's like those pajamas you want to wear out to the store but much more fabulous I live in it now!"

Teresa Renee (Artist & Model)

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