Your Custom Design

Personalize your piece with your own art.

We make customizing your own fabric quite affordable. We charge a $35 set up fee per ink color to print your own design onto fabric.

If you want to make more than one piece utilizing the same design, we do not charge $35 for each additional piece. Each additional custom piece is charged at the lesser rate for designer fabrics. For instance, if you order the custom halter for $75 and want to incorporate that same design into other halters, the rest of the halters would only be $40. If you wanted to order a halter and a circle dress, the halter would be $75 and the dress would only be $150. 

Please note that screen inks are thick and images with a great deal of detail do not work very well as the lines tend to bleed. 

Once you place an order and upload your design we will work with you to print and sew it into a dress, skirt, shirt or shorts. You will receive a mock up before we go into production. This is an option for those of us who like to do things our own way.

Please make note that we don't do exchanges on pieces that incorporate your own art. Once your own art is on one of our pieces, it's yours to keep.