Sewing Theme

I love the way old sewing tools look. Especially splashed across a halter top and matching boy shorts. Crafty girl.

Getting Started With Custom Clothes

We create quirky, fun designs and then press them onto fabric panels one at a time by hand in our studio. We offer a selection of pieces that you can customize using our inhouse art or, if you have a design of your own, we can work with you to bring that design to life on a garment.

The Process For Custom Clothing

1. Select the graphic you'd like to see on your piece. If you would like to incorporate your own art click here.

2. Select the style you'd like to see it incorporated into. For an overview of customizable styles click here

3. Select the color fabric and size.

4. For custom pieces we can modify the waist, hip and inseam size for a small fee. The average cost is $10 per adjustment. 

5. Production time for inhouse designs is two weeks. For custom graphics it is 4 to 6 weeks. If you have a special event we do offer rush options.