Blueberry Cobbler Plaid Long Sleeved Cotton Women's Jumpsuit

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Inspired by the 1970s leisure suit. We don't think they should have ever gone out of style.

This bright yellow and blue plaid is to scream for over loud disco lights.

Described as the most comfy pantsuit you will ever slide into, this suit is made from the softest cotton knit fabric. It is covered in a bright, eye-catching blue and yellow pattern that screams sophisticated fun.

Our pantsuits have no fasteners to hassle with. The wrap top is accented by a large collar. The pants are loose fitting with darts in the back to accent the waist. Large hip pockets complete this pantsuit.

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, this fabric comes from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Each pantsuit is made in Portland, Oregon.

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