Custom Made Skirt For Baker

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jul 12th 2019

I was at My People's Market and a man came by and purchased his wife a custom dress as a gift. She had walked by my booth and admired the fabric and he wanted to surprise her with it. The fabric … read more

Product Shots

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jul 9th 2019

It's always difficult to deal with the photography on a website. How do you get a consistent look and feel on zero budget? You could use models in every shot but that can get pricey and difficult to c … read more

Learning To Sew Production Quality

Posted by RAR on Jul 9th 2019

I have moved my blog from blogger to this platform so am republishing some older articles here. This post was originally posted on 4/12/17.Learning to sew production quality goods in a few short month … read more
When Sitting Became Painful

When Sitting Became Painful

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jun 11th 2019

I started having severe pain in my lower back hip after I had my first child. It was a deep ache inside my left hip bone where the ball sits in the socket. The doctor diagnosed it as Bursitis. It got … read more

The Naming. You Can Stay Clothing

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Mar 26th 2019

I didn't want to name my clothing line after myself because this line isn't about a designer creating amazing pieces of art that an anonymous consumer will purchase. Rather, it's about creating pieces … read more