About Us


Photo Credit: Brent Hirak Taken at Mother Foucault Bookstore in Portland Oregon 2018. I am wearing our most comfortable harem pants and panther crop top.



My name is Rosalee Rester and I am the maker behind the designs you see on this website. The styles are designed in-house, cut and sewn to order in Portland, Oregon. 

You Can Stay Designs arose from a desire to express my love of life and my admiration of how it manifests in physical form. I want to wrap my awe around each individual person I see.

I strive to help each person gain sight of their own beauty that shines its brightest when we feel comfortable and are allowed artistic self-expression without judgement. 

What makes this brand so unique is that each piece is made to order allowing for a great deal of customization. We carry tons of designer fabrics. We also press our own designs onto fabric here in our studio. 

This means you can call or email me to tell me about your deep love of four legged animals or vinyl or Steve Buscemi or the Steel bridge and I can your love into a dress, or pant, or skirt, or shirt in your size. 

You Can Stay Clothing is unique in how it imagines and creates the pieces that clothe you and the level of customer participation in the making of your pieces. 





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